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About our Best Selling Tool
Our award-winning Body Tool is the best approach for obtaining a beautifully sculpted & healthy body from the home! With this tool's unique design, you'll be able to release toxins, increase circulation, & feel light from head to toe in just a few minutes a day. This simple ritual can help reduce cellulite's appearance on the skin's surface by breaking up the fat through gentle, noninvasive massage. Perform this ritual several times a week for best results.
The History of Lymphatic Drainage
For years, Lymphatic Drainage has been a beauty secret for women in Latin & South American countries. This affordable & straightforward method of detoxifying the body has helped many connect back to their bodies within all stages of their lives. The de la heart Body Tool follows the same principles of traditional wood therapy but elevates this practice with a light, uniquely shaped paddle, enabling you to reach all body areas easily.
A note from Gigi:
Lymphatic drainage professionals worldwide praise our tool for its ability to maintain results in lieu of in-person treatments & support the body through its frequent use. For best results, pair this method with a healthy diet, mindful movement & lots of self-love!
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